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C4I April 30 - Stew's News

Published April 29, 2013
Topics Newsmagazine

  The year is already 1/3 over - and it's been a busy year, and appears that it may get busier, and, perhaps 'badder' before Christmas -- make that Memorial Day!  Stew reviews the News - get daily updates at his website: BREAKING NEWS from Stew:  - Just in  -  hours  after broadcast: Also - new video released Tuesday on Boston bomber squad: Here is the info Patricia wants to share this week the first 1:11 of video The Storm Of Disclosure Is About To Hit…
Breaking – Feinstein’s Husband Wins California High Speed Rail Contract Richard Blum
Spy, or pay up: FBI-backed bill would fine US firms for refusing wiretaps
CIA-funded corruption: Top Afghan officials on secret US payroll – report   Caught, Israel orchestrating world war The Israeli “security publication,” DEBKA, a key part of their “war through deception” campaign against the world, has now made it inexorably clear, Israel is putting into motion their “final solution,” a campaign to pit nation against nation.
The result, the planet a smoldering ruin, Israel ruling over the ashes and mass graves, is a foregone conclusion, at least to Netanyahu and his worldwide terrorist network.
DEBKA openly admits plans to move Israeli troops into Syria and Iraq, to “con” Turkey, Jordan and the Arab and Gulf States into a war intended to, not just destroy Iran and Pakistan but China and Russia as well, pitting them against NATO in the fatal Armageddon they and their followers believe will ensure Satan’s dominion over man.
Olmert accuses Netanyahu of exaggerating Iranian threat
Time to End Western Support for Terrorists in Syria: “Opposition” is Entirely Run by Al Qaeda
Syrian prime minister survives assassination attempt
exans Act Against HB 2167 Assault on Sheriffs
Big brother to switch off your fridge: Power giants to make millions – but you must pay for ‘sinister’ technology
Fridges and freezers in millions of British homes will automatically be switched off without the owner’s consent under a ‘Big Brother’ regime to reduce the strain on power stations.
The National Grid is demanding that all new appliances be fitted with sensors that could shut them down when the UK’s generators struggle to meet demand for electricity.
The More Illegal Immigrants That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes
Gut Flora Accounts for up to 80% of Immunity, Not Vaccinations
Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States including Washington Colo, Utah BOSTON QUESTION: Why no ambulances? Why no fire trucks? Why no stretchers? Why ZERO real emergency response? Here is the list of the 20 cities receiving the largest urban security grants:
1. New York City ($1.4 billion)
2. Los Angeles/Long Beach ($644 million)
3. DC Metro ($568 million)
4. Chicago ($478 million)
5. San Francisco Bay Area ($359 million)
6. Jersey City/Newark ($300 million)
7. Houston ($297 million)
8. Philadelphia ($197 million)
9. Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington ($186 million)
10. Boston ($173 million)
11. San Diego ($134 million)
12. Detroit ($133 million)
13. Miami ($125 million)
14. Anaheim/Santa Ana ($123 million)
15. Seattle ($122 million)*
16. Atlanta ($114 million)
17. Baltimore ($105 million)
18. Phoenix ($94 million)
19. St. Louis ($81 million)
20. Denver ($74 million) *Boy, did I make a gross mathematical 'gafaw' on the air, when, from my foggy memory, I said Seattle was getting $1.3 million! from DHS.    It's 94 X as much   -  What will Seattle do with all that $$ for Security and Safety?? Don's thoughts:    Let's see, assuming a population of 1 Million, that's $122.00 per person.   - Seattle  Police  - or King County  Sheriff - could deputize and lightly arm 20 % of residents -  200,000 qualified citizens -  who pass with excellent background checks to serve as 'Block-watch' officers in a network with $610 in training and equipment (arms and communications)  to locally handle and report any neighborhood incidents / disturbances on the spot - and call a cop / back-up  if necessary.    That's Cooperative community policing,     Personally, I'd feel safer with a gun in the hands of a responsible trained citizen/neighbor, than a pen in the hand of this President - [or guns (tazers/sprays) in the hands of 5 squad cars of police arriving 10 minutes after a terrible incident played out.] !     [Dog-walking neighbors are great for observing activity on their blocks.] OR, purchase enough surveillance and heavy equipment and bullets to put-down the 99% of     Americans who are waking up to the growing police-state that surrounds US all these days.  See this: That's Confrontation and gestapo-like control, right?    "serve and protect"- Whom???   Would the Mayor and SPD be selling their souls and service to the unconstitutional DHS?  Everyone has a price. Any comments?            

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